Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Spooky Leaves false documentation single

False Documentation was written at an extremely low point in Matt Jaffe's life, a blurry mess brought about by high doses of molly administered intravenously. His life had crumbled down and he was awaiting his second trip to rehab. The style is far removed from his folky, ambient-esque roots and truly portrays the feelings of chaos and pain that the times possessed. The lyrics are full of truth and pain, despite the obvious lies he was telling himself. You can expect to be blown away by the emotions portrayed in this single. The bonus track Pretender isn't so far off, some believe these two songs were written in the same night, but no one can be sure. However, no matter which way you cut it, your in for a delightfully noisy treat.


Spooky Leaves (random randomness ep?)

These are just some random things Matt Jaffe has been working on. A few of them will go on to bigger and better things, (or already have) and more will probably go no further than here, two of them being some freestyles he did one lonely night in december. enjoy if you can...


Sleeping Dreaming EP

Ray Willson is amazing.


Owlbear Records

we'll post stuff soon.